Private VPN for secure access

VPNpilot installed in the company infrastructure creates a VPN tunnel that allows employees and other users to connect to the private company network through the Internet. As a result, they have access to necessary files and other resources that are available only within the company network.

If two-factor authentication (2FA) is used, connections are protected against malicious activities by third parties.

This is not a VPN proxy for anonymous Internet access.


2FA support

Two-factor authentication increases the security level of user accounts by requiring confirmation using a verification code from the mobile application in addition to the knowledge of the password. Even if an attacker obtains the username and password, they cannot access the account without the second authentication factor from the user's mobile application.

Mobile application for 2FA

For 2FA, VPNpilot uses the Google Authenticator mobile application (or another OTP-compatible alternative) that is freely available via Google Play or AppStore. For a user to get connected, it is necessary to enter not only a username and a password, but also a unique code from the phone that is paired with the given user.

Simple deployment

VPNpilot can be installed in your own virtualized environment. For that purpose, we have a disk image available for VMware and Proxmox. If necessary, it is also possible to prepare the installation for a different virtualized environment. Thanks to the ready-made disk image, the implementation of the software is really simple.

Easy web administration

All user management activities are performed via the web interface. Therefore, it is not necessary to go to the command-line interface to generate the certificates. VPNpilot offers a simple interface for overall user management and clear statistics. The interface is optimized for both computers and mobile devices.

Clear access log

In the web interface, it is possible to view the access logs of individual users, including details about successful logins, unsuccessful logins, transferred data and IP addresses from which the users accessed the network. Thanks to these detailed statistics, you can get an overview of the operation of your VPN server.

Win, Mac and Linux client

The VPN client is freely available for Windows (versions 7, 8, 10 and 11), macOS (Tunnelblick client), Linux, iOS and Android operating systems. For all operating systems, the VPN client meets the high security standards required by the VPNpilot server. This way, maximum protection of your data is ensured.

Your private VPN

VPNpilot runs on your own private infrastructure. It is not a cloud-based solution. As a result, you have full control over the entire system, and you do not have to worry about unauthorized access to the system core, its configuration or the settings of the individual VPN end users.

Automatic firewall configuration

VPNpilot automatically configures the firewall for each individual VPN user. If the user connects to the server via a secure connection, VPNpilot creates individual firewall rules for them. This way, the system ensures that the user has access only to the predefined services in your private network.

Trial version

Try out VPNpilot on your hardware without obligation. A free 30-day version with no restrictions is available. Send us an email to We will send you a trial license. When the trial period ends, you can buy a standard license without having to reinstall the entire system.


VPNpilot is available as a disk image for WMware or Proxmox. The deployment of the software includes installation, basic service configuration, certificate configuration and consultation. We recommend purchasing VPNpilot SUPPORT every year. It includes updates and technical support. If SUPPORT is not purchased, individual requests are billed according to the price list. Prices do not include VAT.

  • VPNpilot + Installation

    EUR620 / server

  • One-time payment
  • Basic configuration
  • Certificate installation
  • 2FA configuration
  • Firewall configuration
  • Basic online training
  • Technical support during installation
  • VPNpilot updates
  • OS updates
  • Unlimited technical support
  • VPNpilot SUPPORT

    EUR420 / year

  • Annual payment
  • Technical support
  • Regular VPNpilot updates
  • Regular OS updates
  • One-time technical support

    EUR70 / hour

  • Payment for each hour started
  • Solutions to individual requests
  • VPNpilot updates not included
  • Not applicable to VPNpilot SUPPORT


Safety is important

It is important that your operating system and all the other necessary components are up to date so that you are, to a maximum extent, protected against various kinds of security threats (malware, hacker attacks, etc.). Those may lead to the theft of personal, financial and other sensitive data, which can have a very negative impact on users.

It is also important to update applications so that users can benefit from new features and security and stability enhancements. Application updates should be performed regularly to minimize the risk of security threats and maintain a great user experience.

Why choose us

We have more than 20 years of experience in SW development.
We have a team of more than 15 experienced professionals.
We follow the latest trends in SW development and security.

Security updates

We will provide security updates of the operating system and all the other necessary components.

VPNpilot updates

We will provide VPNpilot system updates so that your connection is always secure.

Technical support

If you encounter any problem, you can contact our technical support. Our professionals will help you.

Based on OpenVPN

VPNpilot is based on the popular OpenVPN project, which is considered to be one of the top solutions for secure connection to the company network.



The VPNpilot server is installed on your hardware in your network infrastructure and is used to securely access your company network. It is not a VPN proxy for Internet traffic anonymization.

For the VPNpilot software, you will pay only once. It is a lifetime license. It is not necessary to pay any additional monthly fees. However, we recommend purchasing the technical support option every year. As part of that option, you will receive operating system and VPNpilot updates, including the implementation of new features.

In the VPNpilot license, there are no limits to the number of end users created. That means that you can create any number of VPN end users.

If you do not want the technical support option, VPNpilot will work without restrictions. However, it is necessary to take into account the fact that in that case we will not provide you with regular operating system security updates and VPNpilot updates. This may lead, for example, to security breaches or unauthorized access to the system. New features will not be available, either. For those reasons, we recommend that you buy the technical support option every year.

When the 30-day trial license expires, you can no longer manage individual VPN accounts or perform any operations via the web interface. Existing VPN users are not allowed to connect to the VPN server. If you want to continue using VPNpilot, you need to request a standard (unlimited) license.

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is a security method that increases the level of protection of account logins. For successful login, the user has to provide two different forms of identity verification. When connecting to the VPN server, they have to enter their username, password and authorization code, which is valid for 30 seconds. The user obtains the authorization code via the mobile application that is paired with the VPN user account. Even if an attacker manages to steal the login credentials, they are not able to connect because they do not have the user's mobile phone.

VPNpilot is based on the tried and tested OpenVPN, which is considered to be one of the top solutions in the field thanks to the encryption algorithms used. If the technical support option is purchased, you will also receive regular updates. This way, the operating system and VPNpilot security is ensured.

VPNpilot runs on the latest version of Debian Linux (version 11).

The minimum hardware requirements for VPNpilot are as follows:

2 CPUs
VMware or Proxmox virtualized environment

Once all the business matters are settled, we will provide you with a link to download the disk image. Then, you will install it in your virtualized environment and send us the VPNpilot installation access details. Our technicians will perform the final configuration. They will set up the certificates and security settings to ensure secure encryption and trouble-free operation. When those steps are completed, you can start using VPNpilot.

Yes, you will get full (administrator) access to the entire system after installation.

VPNpilot is currently avalaible in English and Czech. Other languages can be added upon request.


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